Mrs BJ

My name is Bolaji (the children call me Mrs BJ) and I am the Pre-School and Clubs Manager. I have worked at Buzykidz for 10 years so I have lots of experience and know the team and children really well. I have a Level 6 qualification in Childhood Studies and Level 3 qualification in Childcare.

My favourite part of the day at Buzykidz is welcoming children and their parents every morning – I can’t wait to hear all their stories as the excitedly come through the door.

When I am not at Buzykidz I spend time at church and enjoy reading my bible and going for long walks in the local area. My favourite film is Wedding Party and my favourite children’s TV programme is Generation Children.


Mrs Hemani

My name is Hemani Dhanani (the children call me Mrs Hemani) and I am Deputy Manager at Startright Pre-School. I have been at Buzykidz for just over 2 years and I love coming in every day to see the children having fun.
I have a Level 4 Qualification in ‘Montessori Child Care’ and Level 2 Qualification in ‘Understanding Autism’ and am always available if you’d like to discuss any questions you have on the subject. My favourite films are The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and my favourite children’s TV programme is Art Attack – I quite enjoy Balamory too
When I am not at Buzykidz I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family and friends – they all enjoy trying my new recipes!


Mrs Cooney

My name is Mary Cooney (the children call me Mrs Cooney) and I have been a Pre-School Assistant at Startright Pre-School for 4 years. I hold a Level 2 qualification in Childcare and Autism.
I love welcoming the smiling faces in to Pre-School every morning and really enjoy sitting with the children as they have their snacks as they are great storytellers
My favourite film is Bridesmaids and my favourite children’s TV show is Ben and Holly. When I am not at Pre-School I enjoy shopping (and a little bit of cleaning too).


Mrs King

My name is Sarah King (the children call me Mrs King) and I am a Nursery Assistant, working towards my Level 3 Childcare qualification. My favourite part of the day is outdoor play – watching the children play together, using the play equipment to its full potential and building on their friendships.
I am a mum of 4 – I have 2 girls and 2 boys. When I am not at Pre-School I spend my time running around after my children watching them enjoy their hobbies and at the end of a busy day I enjoy a quiet cup of tea.


Miss Lavinia

My name is Lavinia Fenciuc (the children call me Miss Lavinia) and I am a Teaching Assistant at Buzykidz. I have Childcare Level 2 and Health and Social Care Level 2 and have been part of the team for just over a year. I really enjoy spending lots of time exploring the outdoors with the children at Pre-School – we love going on adventures! I like to spend my time reading and running when I am not at Pre-School. I am also busy completing my Childcare Level 3 qualification.


Mrs O’Shea

My name is Amanda O’Shea (the children call me Mrs O’Shea) and I am a Room Leader here at Startright Pre-School. I have been part of the team for 3 years and have Level 3 Early Years qualification. I love setting up messy play activities for the children to enjoy – I enjoy watching them role play too as their little imaginations are fascinating. My favourite film is ET and my favourite children’s TV show is Mr Tumble – the children love him too!


Miss Kunbi

My name is Kunbi and  I have recently joined the Buzykidz team. I have a level 3 in Childcare and a BA in Health and Social Care.
I don’t have a favourite TV show but I love to watch YouTube videos – especially those that give me activity ideas that I can share with the children at Pre-School. When I’m not at Pre-School I like to spend time with my family and friends and I love to cook.


Miss Mya

My name is Mya and I have a level 2 in Childcare and I’m working on my last year off level 3.

My favourite part of the day at Pre-School is lunch time as I get to sit at the table with the children and talk to them finding out what they have enjoyed that morning and what they are looking forward to doing in the afternoon.
When I’m not at Pre-School I’m either at my weekend job which is in a care home or I’m shopping with my friends.
My favourite film has got too be ‘Miracles from Heaven’ as the ending is so wonderful and I love happy ending movies.


Mrs Rupal

My name is Rupal (the children call me Mrs Rupal) and I have recently re-joined the Pre-School Team.

My favourite part of the day is setting up lots of lovely activities and welcoming the children every morning.
When not at Pre-School and studying hard, I love spending time with my friends and family, going for dinner and watching films – my favourite films are Home Alone and Baby’s Day.