Startright Pre-School Newsletter July 2022

It’s been a brilliant and busy year at Pre-School and we have enjoyed every minute. We’ve had some wonderful trips, learned lots of amazing things, spent plenty of time exploring outside and most importantly we have had fun! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support.

As we approach the end of the year, your child’s end of year report will be uploaded to Babysday during the week of 11th July. Please log on to your Babysday account to read and print the report. Please remember to leave a note to say you have received and read it.

For those of you that leave us this term, we wish you all the very best as you start your big school adventures. We will all miss you and look forward to seeing you in your new uniforms in September – please do keep in touch.

Our last day of term is Tuesday 19th July.

Have a wonderful Summer break, for those of you returning in September we can’t wait to hear about your holiday adventures.

Take care,

Mrs BJ and the Pre-School Team

A big Happy Birthday to all those celebrating over the summer holidays; Ellen and Ellie in July and
Andrew, Shannon and Alice H in August.

French Production
Those children who have been taking French lessons at Pre-School will be presenting what they have learned via zoom on Wednesday 6th July at 10:30am. We will send the link to parents individually.

End of Year Party
Our party will take place on Wednesday 13th July, from 11am -1pm. All children are invited! If your child usually finishes at 12noon please collect your child at 1pm. If your child doesn’t usually start until 12noon, please bring them in to join the fun by 11am. There’s no need to send in packed lunches as all children will be making their own sandwiches and we will be providing plenty of other food to enjoy too.

Pre-School Photos
Mary our Pre-School Photographer will be coming back to Pre-School one day in July to finish taking photos of the children who missed out last month. We will share the date and time via WhatsApp.

Our New Term Dates

Autumn Term 2022
First Half Term
Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th September inset day
Wednesday 7th September – Children come in
Half Term
Monday 24th October – Friday 28th October 2022
Second Half Term
Monday 31st October – Friday 16th Dec. Friday
Christmas Holiday
Monday 19th December – Friday 6th January 2023

Spring Term 2023
First Half Term
Monday 9th January 2023– inset day
Tuesday 10th January 2023 -Children come in
Half Term
Monday 13th February – Friday 17th February 2023
Second Half Term
Monday 20th February – Thursday 30th March 2022
Friday 31st March 2022- inset day
Easter Holiday
Monday 3rd April – Friday 14th April 2022

Summer Term 2023
First Half Term
Monday 17th April –Children Returns
Bank Holiday
Monday 1st May – (Preschool Closed-Bank Holiday)
Half Term
Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June 2023
Second Half Term
Monday 5th June – Thursday 20th July 2023

Baby’s Days
When you log on every day please leave a comment on your child’s day at Pre-School as it’s so important we get your feedback.